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Church Sermon Series Trailer

Hot Takes: During my time at First Church, I shot, lit, and edited this video.


The church body did not know what 'hot takes' were. My goal was to inform them in a funny and entertaining way. 

Brainstormed, shot, and edited in a 4-day span

Softball Promotional

This style of editing: keeps audience engaged & informs.

May not seem professional or cinematic, but it serves a purpose.

Fast cuts, visually engaging, & high energy. 


More of this style here. 

Sport Edits

Liberty 'Lunatics' IG Reel

Ski & Snow Event Highlight

I was given full creative

control to create these highlights. Both were optimized for social media.

Engaging Edits

Christmas Carol Bit

Father's Day Church Trailer

Church Service Instructions

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